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The Publication Policies

“The Oriental Studies” (Shodoznavstvo) is a peer-reviewed journal (collection of scholarly papers) published by the A. Yu. Krymskyi Institute of Oriental Studies of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. The collection was established in 1997 in Kyiv initially within the framework of the «Library of the journal “The World of the Orient”» and subsequently became an independent scholarly periodical edition. Young oriental scholars, as well as experienced researchers publish their works on its pages. In total, more than 80 issues have been published till now.

The aim of the collection is to promote the development of Oriental studies in Ukraine and the integration of Ukrainian and world Oriental studies through the publication of the latest works of national and foreign authors.

The mission of the collection is to disseminate the results of contemporary academic research on current issues of history, culture and religion of Asian and African countries of all historical periods, Eastern languages and literatures, Orientalistic historiography, source-critical studies and museum studies. Priority is given to the various aspects of the history of the Ancient Near East civilizations and nomadic cultural communities of the Eurasian steppe from antiquity to the Middle Ages. Interdisciplinary, religious and ethnological studies, translations from ancient and modern Eastern languages, reviews of monographs, and reports on professional scientific events and conferences are also welcome.

Publications in “The Oriental Studies” are included in such electronic bibliographic databases as “Online Egyptological Bibliography” (University of Oxford, http://oeb.griffith.ox.ac.uk/default.aspx) and “Bibliographia Iranica” (https://www.biblioiranica.info/) and are referenced in Scopus, ERIHPLUS, Google Scholar, Slavic Humanities Index.

ISSN 2415-8712 (Online), ISSN 1682-671X (Print)

Certificate of state registration: КВ №15900-4372 ПР (08.10.2009)

Professional registration at the Higher Attestation Commission of Ukraine: Approved by the Resolution of the Higher Attestation Commission of Ukraine Presidium of 10.03.2010 № 1-05/2, of 01.07.2010 № 1-05/5

Included in the List of scientific professional publications of Ukraine – Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine № 886 from 02.07.2020. Specialty 032 – History and Archaeology (category “A”)

Collection of scholarly papers “The Oriental Studies” publishes papers on the following fields:

• 07.00.02 – World History;

• 07.00.05 – Ethnology;

• 07.00.06 – Historiography, Source-Critical Studies and Special Historical Disciplines;

• 09.00.11 – Religious Studies;

• 26.00.05 – Museum Studies. Monument Studies.

Papers are grouped under the following headings:

  • History;
  • Source-Critical Studies and Historiography;
  • Languages and Literatures;
  • Modern East;
  • Translations;
  • From the History of Oriental Studies;
  • Sacred Texts of the Orient;
  • Scholarly Life.

The collection is published twice a year.  

The approximate volume of each issue is 180–200 pp.

Languages of publication: Ukrainian and English.

All papers submitted to the Editorial of the collection are subject to double peer-review.

The Editorial informs the authors if the paper has been rejected or accepted for publication.

Publication in the collection is free of charge for authors.

The Editorial board does not always share the position of the authors.